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Eyebrow Styling

What are Combre Brows?

You’ve probably heard of eyebrow microblading and ombre brows as eyebrow styling techniques, but what about combre brows? This popular form of eyebrow styling involves a combination of both ombre and microblading to achieve a high-quality level of shading. You can choose your own customized shading amount to create your preferred look, and combre brows work with all skin types. Microblading and ombre brows are typically recommended for people with specific skin types, depending on which one you choose. With combre brows, you can get a beautifully shaded look no matter what type of skin or eyebrows you have. The process of microblading creates hair strokes that give your brows a naturally fuller look. Ombre brows use shading that adds a glam, made-up aesthetic.

When you choose combre brows, you’ll get a combination of the two different types of eyebrow styling to create more volume that looks natural along with definition and shading for a stylish ombre effect. Your arches will be thickened with hair strokes and then defined with shading, so you look amazing. Most combre brows have much darker tails than the inner parts to create that bold, dramatic look. However, you can choose any amount and any color for your shading so that it suits your needs. Your new brows will look dramatic and beautiful, and the best part is that they look amazing both in person and in photographs. This trendy eyebrow technique is extremely popular right now thanks to the ability to get a more customized look. If you’re interested in getting combre brows or any other of our eyebrow and makeup services, be sure to contact Brow Bar by Chloe today. You can call us directly, book your next appointment online, or visit our website to find out more about what we have to offer.

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