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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup: Aftercare

If you’re interested in getting permanent makeup, it’s important to take good care of your skin once the procedure is over. Here are some quick tips to help you ensure that your new permanent makeup looks stunning long after the procedure is over.

  • Blot the area after the procedure to absorb excess fluid and repeat this every five minutes until the fluid has stopped oozing.

  • Wash the area daily for at least the first seven days to remove any bacteria, dead skin, oils, and product buildup.

  • Only use a gentle cleanser that’s unscented, and always use your fingers and never a washcloth or scrubber. Gently wipe the area clean, then pat it dry with a clean tissue, and NEVER use products that contain any type of acids.

  • Keep the area moisturized using an approved moisturizer for seven days, only applying a very light layer so that it just covers the skin.

  • Ask us for more information about the right aftercare procedures that we recommend for your permanent makeup.

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